Our Mission

To create a significant competitive advantage for our customers through increasing productivity and efficiency in your daily agricultural operations. We use our years of experience in the business to insure you get the best and the most innovative industry practices in order to execute your strategic agribusiness goals with precision. 

about us

The company was founded in 2014, however individually, for the last 40 years we have been developing and executing projects across the globe in our prospective roles, adding value to our customers in the areas of crop and chemical management, registration and production.

The company deals with many aspects in the agro business, among them
the company provides market survey and assists with the registration process for fertilisers and chemicals.

Our Founder

Eliezer Frumerman Began his career in the fields of southern Israel working in a kibbutz and managing the cultivation of the crops they were producing. 

His work was quickly recognised for its excellence and he moved to East Africa and began managing regional operations for some of the biggest multinational corporations in the agriculture industry such as Adama and Balton just to name a few.

Since then his roles have only gained traction and responsibility as he managed regional and continental positions in Asia, Eastern Europe and West Africa before realising his passion for passing on his whisdom and experience in the industry and helping others fulfil their agribusiness potential.

That is why, in 2014 he decided to start his consultancy company and share the 40+ years of experience and knowledge he had with others. 

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