Services Overview

Our 40+ years of experience allows us to offer a variety of consultancy services aimed at meeting and satisfying all your business needs. Below are the main areas we operate around, however please don't hesitate to contact us should you need a more tailored approach.




market Analysis

collection and analysis of all the market information in relation to crops and the products that are used and associated with crop protection. We also provide a full in-depth analysis of the main players and competitors that are involved in the market, from supplier level, all the way to the end-users.



Crop Consultancy

Full consulting assistance from our local and international agronomists and clients so you can get the best production yield value for each crop while maintaining minimal cost expenditures. We also use modern tools and methods in order to increase the crop quality and production quantity so you can build and maintain your competitive advantage.


Commercial and sales strategies 

Our 40+ years of experience in the agriculture market, combined with our business backgrounds has resulted in the perfect mix of agri and business acumen. Our proven strategies will insure your sales and marketing initiatives will reach the right Audience at the the right Time, through the right Channels with the right Products and in the right Packaging.





 Registration & Processing

We all know the burdens which come with the bureaucracy in foreign markets. We create a seamless process of not only finding the right products you need for your market, but also the registration of those products with all the necessary regulatory departments. From crop protection products, to simple home and garden fertilisers, we will assist you all the way up to the stage you go to market.


securing Distribution and sales channels

Finding the correct and proper distribution channels with the right players in the market is essential.  We will build your market penetration strategy as well as assist you with building and executing your go-to-market strategy in order to maximise the potential of your products.



Turn-key projects

Irrigation systems - Green Houses - Livestock

We take a fully tailored approach with our clients meaning we assist, plan, design and help you execute your agro projects with your needs and requests in mind.