Here's just a small sampling of some of the projects we've been involved with through the years 


Market Penetration Strategy for Dr. Green Fertilizer - Romania 2017

Dr. Green Fertiliser, a new innovative company in Poland, approached us with a need for a new market penetration strategy to enter the Romanian market. Their products vary and include Foliar fertilisers for Corn, Rape Seeds, Cereal crops, and Sugar beats. Their Foliar Fertilisers are based on a high level of micro elements and amino acids making them a new innovative player in the market.   


Water Purification Project - Tanzania

The beautiful town of Nzega, in the heart of the deserts in Tanzania was suffering from un-purified water. The project was to plan and execute a clean and drinkable water project which can supply the town with clean water. By taking water from the local water reservoir and clearing that water through a distillation and purification process we brought it to a level of safe drinking and distributed it throughout the town. We also installed water meters and through the project, enabled the city council to start a water purification development company. At the time, Nzega became one of the only places in Tanzania that you could find fresh purified and safe drinking water from any water tap in town. 



60 Hecter green house project - uganda

Between 2005 and 2007, Balton Uganda and I undertook several green house projects which entailed the building and expansion of several flower farms across Uganda. The projects included massive farms such as 'Rosebud', 'Arum Roses', 'Fiduga', 'Royal Van Zanten' and more.  Alongside the construction of the green houses we also installed sophisticated irrigation systems which supplied the farms with an artificial media system which enabled the roses to grow and to get the highest yield of flowers possible in East Africa.



go to market strategy for Adama - Romania

From 2008 until 2014 I was the acting CEO of Adama in Romania and Moldova, where I developed, instilled and implemented a Go-To-Market strategy which was non-existing in the region at the time. By doing so, we increased sales by 3.5% and our market share trippled to levels never seen before by Adama in the crop protection industry.  



5000 hectar irrigation project - Kasakhstan

in 1992, as part of the rehabilitation stages of the fall of the USSR, we joined several agricultural initiatives and projects headed to the region. We undertook a project, whereby we reconstructed the communist farm installations left by the USSR era into modern, high yield producing, cotton farms. We did so by using new and sophisticated drip irrigation systems, controlled by computers, with the idea of replacing their old methods of picking their cotton by hand manually. 


cocoa-452911_1920 (1).jpg

Developing distribution and sales channels in the coco industry - ghana

In 2014, while I was the acting CEO of Adama West Africa, we individually and successfully introduced a double-action insecticide into the cocoa market, making it the best selling product for the cocoa farmers year and out-competing any alternative products